Factory Molded Carpet for a
1964 Chevy II Nova.
Factory Molded Carpet for a 2000
Chevy Venture Van
Custom fitted Carpet for a
1953 Packard Bell Clipper
Factory Molded Carpet for a
1965 Dodge Polara 500
We sell and install original as
well as custom fit carpeting.  
Molded Floor Carpets.
Only true 80/20 in the industry .
Completely molded for a perfect
fit .
Complete production
manufacturer - from raw
material to finished product .
Over 1,500 original style molds.
25 Year restoration & trim
experience .
Over 200 original colors
16,000 styles from the 40s
through current models .
Heat molded .
Easy installation .
All carpets include heavy 36
ounce jute padding..
Original heel pads .
100 point show quality Corvette
carpets .
TruVette the original material
for late model Corvettes .
Quality that meets or exceeds
OEM specifications.
Molded carpet for a 1978 Mercury
Zephyr owned by Tom Wilmouth of
Chicago Illinois.
Superflex automotive unbacked
carpeting in a Dodge Ram pickup


US Creations